is a new and innovative crowdfunding portal aimed specifically at projects related to historic preservation and conservation efforts. The website features several categories for various projects including Main Street Programs, Site Conservation, and more.

CJ Fernandes, President of Haakeng Solutions, LLC which operates the website said the momentum is slow but they are getting there. “Because this is a fairly new concept in raising funds for historic preservation projects, our system is still young, but definitely ready for more folks to join us.” he said in a recent statement about the launch. “We are hoping by the end of 2019 to have several projects online, and more staff to help our support and IT side move along as we progress.” has launched its own Facebook page as well, utilizing social media platforms and furthering its mission and purpose to save our historic treasures.

Crowdfunding has been popular in the past several years for various purposes including personal, medical, equity, and various sub-niche markets that continue to grow. has its own campaign live to raise funds for its advancement and further development. The entire project is being self-funded. Haakeng Solutions, LLC has plans to spin-off the website into its own company following its performance, reception, and interest. For right now, Haakeng is pleased to host this business unit, and is looking forward to its success.