GRIT BXNG AT Home, with a valuation of $20 million, is raising funds on Republic through Reg A+ crowdfunding. It is a group fitness studio that offers its signature workouts, high-intensity group fitness classes, with boxing at the core of the regimen. The business is now launching GRIT EPIQ to create an unbelievable and complete workout at home and develop a social fitness community. GRIT BXNG At Home was founded by Bill Zanker, Ediva Zanker, and Dylan Zanker in 2020. The proceeds of the current crowdfunding round, with no minimum target and a maximum target of $10,000,000, will be used for growth and expansion. GRIT BXNG At Home has investments from Pitbull, Tim Draper, and Tony Robbins. GRIT EPIQ is designed by Eric Villency, the designer behind the Peloton Bike.

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